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Mykonos Island
Mykonos Island
With its white houses and windmills, Mykonos is perhaps the most typical of the Greek islands. It attracts thousands of visitors. The island is best known for its lively nights. Mykonos has beautiful ...
23-6-2033 21:32
The houses are cube-shaped, are tight against each other to protect the inhabitants of the wind in winter.They are painted white to protect them from the sun in summer.
2-5-2027 13:48
Useful Telephone Numbers
Police: (+30) 22890 22 716Tourist Police: 22890 22 482Port Authority: 22890 22 218Health Centre: 22890 23 998 / 23 994Mykonos Town Hall: 22890 22 201 / 23 988 Centre of Public Services: 22890 28 621Ce ...
6-12-2011 16:44
Getting Around
When the government made Chora an architectural landmark, they prohibited motorized traffic on its streets. Only a few small delivery vehicles are allowed. The only way to get around town is to walk.
6-12-2011 16:43
How to get there
The Greek island of Mykonos can be reached by air from Athens. If you prefer to travel by ship, you have a choice of ferries, flying dolphins, hydrofoils, or catamarans that leave from Piraeus and Raf ...
6-12-2011 16:39
Mykonos History
Mykonos History
Mykonos takes its name from the son of the King Delos. According to Greek myhology , Hercules fought against the giants.
14-11-2011 16:26
Greek Products
Greek Products
As basis of all the recipes of the traditional cuisine, the olive oil has a dominant place in Greek nutrition. The Greek olive oil is internationally for its purity and excellent taste.
10-11-2011 18:19
Greek Wines
Greek Wines
Greece, besides that is the birthplace of Dionysus, the god of wine, is also the birthplace of the first wine in history. These were the wines from the island of Chios and Thasos , famous all over the ...
10-11-2011 17:55
Greek traditional cuisine
The unique tastes of the Greek cuisine make Greece to differ. On the time that you will be in this country, you will find pleasant gastronomic surprises. On the contrary with the opinion that most of ...
10-11-2011 17:23
Most of the Greeks speak English and many, especially those that deal with tourism, speak French and German. The signaling, the menus of the restaurants and the plates are written in Greek and in Engl ...
10-11-2011 17:14
Greece belongs to the member-states of the European Union that take part on the unified currency, known as Euro. The various size banknotes, that portray different styles of European architecture
10-11-2011 17:10
From small interesting monuments are scattered in the rural south of Chora : in Drafaki ( Paspari ) , we can see some old chapels well maintained. A Vrysi ,
3-8-2011 16:16

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